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Craniosacral Therapist, Wellbeing Coach and specialist in ME CFS & Fibromyalgia recovery with The Chrysalis Effect 

Meet Andrea Hochgatterer

Craniosacral Therapist | Wellbeing Coach | Specialist in ME / CFS & Fibromyalgia Recovery

Also a Member of The Craniosacral Therapy Association & The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Program, ILM Coaching accredited and fully insured for all disciplines. (Additional training: Nutritional Therapy CNM mFNTP, ACE and Trauma awareness, Counselling Skills for Therapists and Foundation Level Kinesiology for supplement testing)

As a therapist of 13 years I bring a wealth of knowledge and clinic experience with chronic conditions, inflammation and pain.

I believe we all step into this world as perfect unique beings ready to fulfil our own potential, however sometimes along the way we are impacted by events outside of our control and we lose connection with who we are. Life happens, yes, however it depends on how we deal with adverse events which makes the difference.

It has become clear that in our everyday busy lives stress is one of the root causes for an avalanche of unexplained symptoms which first we ignore, then start self medicating, then we just run out of ideas of what to do.


Why Choose Me?

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Stress is the number one risk factor for long term chronic health conditions ranking above physical inactivity and obesity. The stress response works great if you have to run away from a tiger to save your life but prolonged toxic stress is bad for you, leading to a cascade of inflammation response in the body. It weakens our ability to self- regulate, impacts on all body and mind function, producing symptoms of digestive issues, headaches, pain amongst many others; Stress is also known to impact on mental and emotional health producing anxiety, mood swings and depression. It is associated with numerous chronic health issues.


Mind - Body - energy approach to better health, mental and emotional wellbeing and the ability to live a vibrant and fulfilled life. We recognise that overall wellbeing necessitates addressing all areas of our lives with the aim of finding a balanced fulfilment of our needs. With a holistic person centred approach I use techniques which enhance self awareness and increase your ability to recognise and address your unique needs and stressors and when necessary, apply stress management strategies.

ME / CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) / Fibromyalgia:

All three conditions are characterised by an accumulation of similar symptoms which are difficult to diagnose under one specific condition and it can sometimes take months or years to do so.

All types of people at all ages can be affected. Severe and debilitating fatigue, whole body muscle and joint pain, disturbed sleep, poor digestion, poor memory, brain fog and anxiety are commonplace and their onset is often linked to a viral infection or stressful event like an operation or a bereavement. It is more likely that the onset is slow and insidious until one particular event is the "last straw" so to speak, tipping the person over into illness.

I work with prevention and interception of those conditions and to pay attention to the early warning signs is very important, therefore I use an "early warning signs" checklist, symptoms impact questionnaire and use the "six phases of recovery" to identify which stage of the illness the client finds themselves in. 

For recovery clients, I work as a specialist alongside the online Chrysallis Effect Recovery Program, supporting and guiding clients on their way. For some people going through it on their own might work, others do a lot better with the right support. By tailoring the sessions to your unique and specific needs I can fast-track you through the program supplying you with exercises and recordings which are particularly useful for you at the time, educating, coaching and mentoring you all the way.

My approach is person-centred, confidential, non-judgemental and wholly supportive.



I was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia and an H-Pilory infection in my stomach and though I got the all clear after taking medication, I still suffered from uncomfortable digestion and bloating after every meal. I was seeing Andrea for some nutritional advice anyway and she suggested to try some Craniosacral Therapy. Although I was not sure what it could for me, I signed up for five treatments. The first two really relaxed me and I started to feel some improvement until to my surprise on the third session, I felt my stomach physically move to the left and all tension disappeared. I have been fine ever since. Absolutely amazing! Thank You...

Barry (High Wycombe)

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